My name is Alisa. I am in graduate school and planning my wedding to the most wonderful man. I'm a Zeta, a Yogi, and a lover of love. I don't have all the answers but I'm working with what I do have and figuring the rest out. What you'll find here are my random thoughts. Enjoy and talk with me. Namaste.


In 9 months I marry a man that I remember meeting 11 years ago, became friends with 9 years ago and apparently actually first met in kindergarten 20 years.

Life is amazing right?

Family life

So I’m planning my wedding and I’m becoming a step mom. Recently he and I have been talking about having children— we want a baby. I’m getting annoyed with people talking to me like I shouldn’t want a baby. 

I’m aware of my age and that I’m in graduate school. I’m also aware of my age and that I’m in graduate school, working, getting married, becoming a step mom anyway and always wanted a family. 

"well what if you’re not ready?" — I mean are you ever full ready for anything? The idea is to know as much as you can, full commit and don’t look back. I’m anxious for my family and I look forward to starting it. He already is my family so we can only grow and progress from here. 

*small vent* 

I’m definitely in love. I watched my baby leave for work this morning and all I could think was “damn that man works hard and he works hard because he loves me. damn i’m grateful for him. damn he’s sexy” and some other thoughts I’m not gonna share. haha.  

Getting Married

I know I haven’t been here a lot and I will try my best to fix that. 

However, I wanted to share with you that the love of my life, my dream man, my best friend, my other half, my King has asked me to be his Queen. So we are getting married and I couldn’t be happier. (I’m so late telling you all this I’m so sorry) 

Let me ask this…

What do you all (women & men) consider being “significant” to offer a man? I was having a conversation with a friend and she felt like she didn’t have anything significant to offer but all the things she listed were material items. So that let me to question what then is significant to offer a man as for being in a relationship?

I know him personally and this wedding proposal is so his style. I congratulate him and I wish him and her nothing but the best!